• Dr. Fahy orchestrated a trial where participants were injected with a cocktail consisting of two hormones and the diabetes drug metformin to reactivate their thymus.
  • After a year of undergoing the treatment, participants saw significantly reduced age based on an aging clock analyzing DNA modifications and had inflammation cut in half.
  • Dr. Fahy also talks about another novel material that he has identified, the specifics of which he does not reveal, which he says reversed his age by six years after administering it for only 90 days.

Dr. Greg Fahy, the co-founder of Intervene Immune and a scientist who studies the biological aging process, reported in a LinkedIn video that he has come up with a way to rejuvenate the human body. He has supposedly done so by crafting a cocktail of human growth hormone (a hormone involved in growth and metabolism), DHEA (another hormone that helps produce testosterone and estrogen), and the diabetes medication metformin. He designed this combination of hormones with metformin to regrow a gland that serves as the center of the immune system and trains immune cells to fight cancer, viruses, and other pathogens — the thymus.

Reactivating the Thymus Reversed People’s Age

The thymus progressively shrinks during adulthood in a process called thymic involution. Since many people die of immune failure, Dr. Fahy started his venture seeking to find a way to regrow the thymus. Intriguingly, Dr. Fahy and colleagues found that regrowing the thymus enhanced immune function and appeared to elicit body-wide age reversal effects. The purported age-reversing effects were based on Dr. Steve Horvath’s epigenetic aging clock, which predicts a person’s age based on the analysis of chemical modifications to DNA.

Dr. Fahy’s cocktail is under investigation in a human trial called TRIIM-X. He says that participants were biologically younger at the end of the trial than they were at the beginning. Dr. Fahy adds that there was an age reversal of about two-and-a-half years over the course of the year-long treatment. Thus, although a year had passed during treatment, the participants were still a year-and-a-half younger than when they started the trial, according to Horvath’s aging clock. The study participants were also still two-and-a-half years younger at the end of the trial than they would have been had they not participated.

Participants showed improvements beyond reduced aging measurements. They gained strength and lost body fat without exercising. Further, Fahy reported significant improvements in a common frailty test, where participants repeatedly sit down and stand up from a chair.

Additionally, blood concentrations of C-reactive protein, an indicator of inflammation, were halved within 30 days of treatment and remained low throughout the study, suggesting a dramatic reduction in systemic inflammation.

A Year of Treatment with the Cocktail May Last 10 to 12 Years

When asked about how long the treatment will last, Dr. Fahy said that you can undergo treatment for a year and that the regenerative effects on the immune system will likely last another 10 to 12 years. Furthermore, he recommends waiting at least another four to five years after undergoing treatment before receiving injections of the cocktail again. Dr. Fahy continued by saying he is not certain of when people should start undergoing this treatment but thinks adults could start receiving the cocktail injections in their mid-40s.

Dr. Fahy Identified a Novel, Unspecified Agent that He Says Reversed His Age by Six Years

In a tantalizing revelation, Dr. Fahy hinted at a breakthrough: a novel agent that could revolutionize age reversal. While keeping the specifics under wraps, he disclosed that this mysterious agent may amplify his thymus-rejuvenating cocktail. Remarkably, he claimed that after just 90 days of self-administration, epigenetic aging clock analysis showed his age was reversed by six years. He added that the novel agent is very safe, non-toxic, and powerful. In an intriguing twist, he admitted uncertainty about the exact nature of this potentially game-changing substance, revealing only that it is contained in some unidentified material.

The Possibility of Life-Prolonging Aging Interventions in the Next Few Decades

Dr. Fahy said in the LinkedIn video that his development of the cocktail for thymus rejuvenation is the first intervention tested that reverses aging based on Horvath’s epigenetic aging clock. Not only does it offer promise for boosting immune function, it also improves physical performance and reduces inflammation, according to his account of unpublished data.

Adding to the alluring nature of these findings, Fahy talked about a novel agent that he says substantially reversed his body’s age after only three months of using it. Since he remains very cryptic regarding the identity of the agent contained in some unspecified material, there is no way to speculate what it may be.

If this new agent and the cocktail for thymus rejuvenation become FDA-approved in the next decade or two and if Steve Horvath’s epigenetic aging clock does, in fact, work accurately to confirm age reversal, we could see the release of effective aging interventions in the not-so-distant future. In that sense, some of the predictions from clinicians like Dr. Michael Roizen of the Cleveland Clinic regarding effective and life-prolonging aging interventions coming in the next few decades may come to fruition.