Taking NMN

Taking NMN

How Much NMN Do I Need To Take For It To Be Effective?

Most rodent studies showing NMN’s effectiveness in preventing age-related ailments use dosages of about 300 mg/kg. So, for a 75 kg (about 165 pounds) person, this would equate to 22,500 mg (22.5 g). Given the cost of NMN, this would likely cost over $100 per dose and, if taken once daily, over $35000 per year.

But larger organisms like humans don’t need such high doses to be effective. There is a scientific concept called “volume of distribution” that says rodents like mice need higher substance doses by a factor of 12.3 compared to humans. So, a 300 mg/kg dose in mice would equal a 24.39 mg/kg dose in humans with a 75 kg person needing about 1.829 grams for the same effect. Keep in mind that the 300 mg/kg dose in mice is considered a “huge” dose and that it probably provides more than enough NMN for effectiveness. The question then becomes, “How much NMN does a person need to take for it to have a significant effect?”

A study in mice showed that 100 mg/kg per day mitigated most age-related physiological decline. Based on that dosage, for an average adult weighing 75 kg (about 165 pounds), an optimal dosage would be about 610 mg per day. This calculation is based on dividing the human dosage by a factor of 12.3 to match the rodent “volume of distribution.” In the same manner, larger adults weighing 90 kg or 100 kg should take about 750 mg and 830 mg per day, respectively.

What NMN Doses Have Been Used in Human Studies?

A research team from Japan ran a human clinical study testing the safety of oral doses of NMN up to 500 mg and found no alterations in physiological measurements like heart rate or blood pressure. Results from this study support that one NMN dose of up to 500 mg is safe and well-tolerated.

A study from scientists at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis showed that oral 250 mg doses per day of NMN for 10 weeks improves older women’s muscle insulin sensitivity and structure. These findings show that more affordable NMN doses of 250 mg per day can be safe and effective in improving muscle insulin sensitivity.

How Much NMN Would a Scientist Take?

Harvard professor David Sinclair who studies aging talked about taking NMN to stay healthy and prevent aging on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. In the interview with Rogan, Dr. Sinclair said that he takes 1 gram of NMN daily, along with the supplements resveratrol, metformin, and aspirin with no adverse effects.