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    Replenishing NAD+ in the eye protects against corneal cell death caused by neural dysfunction

    Losing nerve supplies in our window to the world -- cornea -- may cloud our sights and even cut out the light. But scientists found that NAD+ replenishment may be a possible intervention.

  • Reproduction

    Enzyme-mediated NAD+ production is essential for the quality control of aged eggs

    As a woman ages, so does her eggs. The decline in the quality and quantity of eggs results in a drop in fertility, but raising the NAD+ level may be a novel way to improve the effects of aging on the egg.

  • Longevity

    Enzyme in blood from young mice helps delays aging and extends lifespan in aged mice

    Increasing levels of eNAMPT enzymes in molecular bubbles in the blood delays aging and increases health span and lifespan in mice.

  • Cardiovascular

    Promotes mitochondrial health and prevents heart failure

    Scientists found NMN administration preserved mitochondrial health and prevented heart failure in mice deficient in a molecule that makes them susceptible to heart disease.

  • Metabolism

    Improves depression symptoms in mice

    Scientists find NMN improves depression-like behavior, displayed as immobility in swim tests, and cellular energy production in mice.

  • Neurological

    Supplementation promotes brain blood vessel rejuvenation

    Scientists provide genetic evidence indicating NMN supplementation promotes rejuvenation of blood vessels providing nutrients to the brain.

  • Metabolism

    Comparing interventions for obesity and being overweight

    A study indicates NMN supplementation and exercise can reverse glucose intolerance, where sugars accumulate in the blood from food intake, but these two interventions have tissue-specific effects on the function of the mitochondria.

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