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Skin & Muscle

An Ancient Therapeutic Compound Improves Energy Production in Aged Muscle

Urolithin A bolstered cellular energy production, NAD+ levels, and blood vessel formation in aged muscles of mice.

Skin & Muscle

Nicotinamide Protects Skin Cells From UV-Induced DNA Damage

Skin cells treated with a form of vitamin B3 activates DNA repair programs.

Skin & Muscle

Scientists Improve Muscle Development in Zebrafish with Neuromuscular Disease

When given before muscle development, NAD+ or B3 vitamins supplementation can improve muscular health in zebrafish.

Skin & Muscle

Small Molecule Enhancing NAD+ Levels Rejuvenates Muscles

A small molecule inhibitor of an enzyme called NNMT improved aged mice's muscle quality and function. In the future, the drug might help the elders feel fitter and stronger.

Skin & Muscle

Consuming Whey Protein Can Improve Elders’ Muscle Performance

Scientists from Brazil studying aging conducted a review of scientific literature on whey protein consumption in elderly individuals, indicating whey protein improves muscle function.

Skin & Muscle

NMN as Potential Therapeutic Agent for Muscle Disease

Scientists from the University of Missouri report disruptions of the NAD+ biosynthesis pathway in mice facilitating malformed mitochondria and cell structure in muscle. Furthermore, nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) administration at least partially restores these cellular defects.


Functional and Traditional Training: Improved Strength in Aging Women

A study reported functional training and traditional training exercise routines improved strength and agility in aging women when compared to stretching alone.